Seasonal CNY Red Pocket Bites Bundle


Introducing our handmade, sugar-free, plant-based CNY-inspired bites for the new year.

This bundle includes our 3 seasonal CNY flavours:

  • Coco-Miso Caramel Glazed Walnuts (35g) – Addictive. This is the better and healthier upgrade to the traditional candied walnuts. Earthy walnuts coated in a rich, sweet, and salty combination of coconut sugar and miso. A burst of umami in every bite.
  • Coco-Chrysanthemum Lemon Bites (35g) – Turning the tasty drink into a fun yet zen snack that has both cooling and calming effects. Chrysanthemum helps you reduce inflammation, serves as a good source of vitamins, and lowers blood pressure. Fresh and tangy, leaving your taste buds dancing in spring flavors.
  • Coco-Osmanthus Goji Berry Bites (45g) – Inspired by the traditional Chinese osmanthus flower jelly dessert. The fragrant osmanthus is paired with some chewy goji berries, both known to be loaded with antioxidants that can support your immune function.


Order before 8-Jan to enjoy the early-bird discount.

CNY items will start to go out from 10-Jan-2023. Other items bought with this set will be delivered at the same time.

Natural Indulgence. The better treat for your body and the planet in this year of rabbits. We don’t compromise on flavour. 100% plant-based, flourless, grain-free, gluten-free, no white sugar, no fillers, no preservatives or additives.

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