Coco-Latte Mix *SEASONAL*


Our all-natural, dairy-free, refined sugar-free instant latte mixes can help warm your heart and soul. Nutritious, convenient to make, and enjoyable both hot or cold, with just water or your own choice of nut milk for extra creaminess.

Coco-Hojicha Chocolate Latte. A dairy-free luxurious concoction that marries the hearty and smoky essence of roasted green tea with the velvety smoothness of coconut milk and pure cacao. Dreamy, magical, and comforting.

Bringing Thailand to wherever you are. Our Coco-Thai Milk Tea Latte is aromatic, naturally sweetened, and lusciously creamy from the coconut milk. Immerse yourself in a tropical oasis with every sip, complemented by a subtle hint of spice. Inspired by the most popular drink found in the land of smiles, we created a plant-based version without sugar or any artificial colors.

Refined Sugar-Free