Coco-Keto Friendly Bundle


Looking for a healthy, delicious vegan and keto-friendly breakfast or snack? This bundle is for you. Higher in protein, lower in net carbs, and full of nutrition.

Our granola is made only with real ingredients, it’s time to treat your body and your taste buds. Your mornings won’t be boring with our fun flavours. From our peanut buttery chunky monkey, cinnamon crunch nuts, chai goji berry or our savoury tom yum… there’s a flavour for everyone. Get all the crunch and deliciousness of granola without the guilt.

The bundle contains 4 packs of our Keto-diet friendly products:

coco-chai goji granola (80g)
coco-chunky monkey (80g)
coco-cinnamon almonds (80g)
coco-tom yum chips (80g)