Coco-Christmas Gift Box Sets


‘Tis the season to indulge… in the good kind of treats without feeling guilty. This Christmas treat your loved ones with a special gift set that is both delicious and good for you.

We put together 3 special Christmas bundles that you can choose from! Deliveries start going out in December! Please note at checkout if you have a specific date you would like to have them delivered and we will try our best to accommodate!

Coco-Christmas 4-Cups Set
Gift Box includes:
Coco-Matcha Bites (80g)
Coco-Toasted Caramel Bites (80g)
Coco-Cinnamon Almond Bites (80g)
Coco-Nola Charcoal Sesame (80g)

Coco-Christmas Bites & Spread Set
Gift Box includes:
Coco-Honey Cashew Bites (80g)
Coco-Toasted Caramel Bites (80g)
Coco-Matcha Bites (80g)
Coco-Gingerbread Almond Butter (180g) 

Coco-Christmas Mini Butter Set
Gift Box includes:
Coco-raspberry peanut butter (80g)
Coco-sesame peanut butter (80g)
Coco-matcha pistachio butter (80g)
Coco-cinnamon maple almond butter (80g)



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