Coco-Candied Lemon Slices with Lavender Dark Chocolate and Rose White Coco-jam Bundle Special


It’s time for something zingy, sweet and REFRESHING! So for this special bundle we are featuring our newest seasonal flavour: our Coco-candied Lemon Slices. Sweet, floral and tangy. The lemons are candied in coconut sugar, then decorated with our own homemade dark chocolate and rose white-coconut jam. Finishing it off with some floral roses, lavender and osmanthus petals as a garnish.

For a limited time only, we are pairing this seasonal edition with 3 of our best-selling varieties to give you a fun and beautiful bundle.

Each gift set contains:
Coco-candied Osmanthus Lemon Slices (80g) x 1 bottle
Coco-raspberry Peanut Butter (80g) x 1 bottle
Coco-honey Cashew Bites (80g) x 1 Cup
Coco-matcha Bites (80g) x 1 Cup

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