Cocoparadise was born through a girl’s passion for eating healthy and the love for coconuts and sweet treats. This is a little of how it came about…

I never knew the importance of eating well and being active until the last few years of my university life. I’ve been blessed to be able to indulge in whatever I wanted with eating and drinking during my time away. But during one of my visits back in Hong Kong, I did a check-up and it made me become more aware of my health issues.  

The doctors warned me that I had dangerously high body fat percentage, fatty liver and was becoming too overweight for my age and height. This was the wake up call that made me reflect more about my health and my body. I was happy, yet never was I confident or did I love my body. I never really took notice of my habits and how bad my skin and groggy my body was always feeling. I started with simple and small changes, one step at a time. I became more aware of what I was eating, and pushed myself to be more active. I then started learning more about eating cleaner and cooked more with natural and unprocessed ingredients. I slowly fell in love with how good it made me feel.

Slowly I started to see results, but not only was I shedding weight, I started to feel better in so many aspects of my life. My skin improved, I was more energetic, efficient, focused, and confident. 

Soon I also quickly realised that there were so many snacks in the market that are packed with processed, and artificial ingredients. While many “healthier” choices in the market were really bland, tasteless and would never satisfy me.

Being born in Thailand, coconuts have always played a huge part in my life, and it has definitely inspired many of my recipes. So with my love for coconuts and weakness for sweet treats, I started to explore and make my own snacks that made me feel good yet also satisfied my cravings and kept me sane. This was the beginnings of Cocoparadise, and how it came about.

I’ve come to believe that living a healthy lifestyle is about balance. It’s not about restriction, strict diets, or over-training. Life is about finding the things that make you feel good and happy.

I hope by sharing what I’ve learnt, love, and what I believe in, I’ll be able to inspire and encourage more awareness. I’m making it one of my missions to prove that healthy eating and living doesn’t have to be boring, and that anyone and everyone can enjoy delicious food that is also good for your body, mind and soul. Thus, the birth of Cocoparadise and our current product line. 

This is my paradise, and I hope I’ll be able to kick-start and help with the journey to find yours.
With lots of love,

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